When were we founded?

Michigan Manzil was founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic college students united by their love for the culture of Bollywood. Michigan Manzil prides itself on creating a family that brings people together from all walks of live to accomplish a single goal - dance their hearts out and leave it all on stage.

Michigan Manzil is a competitive Bollywood co-ed fusion dance team. We utilize our passion for Indian dance and culture and compete nationally as well as perform locally. Our performances incorporate various dance styles, including Indian Classical, Film-Bollywood, South Indian, Bhangra, Indian-Folk, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, etc. Through performance, we hope to spread cultural knowledge not only here in Ann Arbor but also at our competitions across the nation.


What do we do?

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What is Bollywood Dance?

Bollywood refers to cinema that originates from India. It is the largest film industry in the world, producing over a thousand movies per year. These movies have a global following and the distinctive mixture of song, dance, and storytelling is unparalleled. Michigan Manzil aims to bring this unique dance style to the University of Michigan's campus. We strive to promote awareness of Indian culture and the importance of diversity and globalism.